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Why Toronto Should Be The Capital Of Canada?

WHEN YOU THINK OF CANADA YOU THINK DIVERSITY. Canada is believed to be the centre of diversity and has a host of cultures, religion and political beliefs. The queen chose OTTAWA as the capital of Canada, but at the heart of our country Toronto defines Canada.

Canada boosts a large percentage of foreign born citizens residing in the country and hence we see that at heart Canada is a symbol of equality amidst diversity. The city of Toronto is often called the centre of Canada. It has been popular among tourists since long period of time. Some of the best political minds have originated from the base of Toronto.

Toronto has been the hub for culture, history and art since ages. Toronto is seen as the city with most popular scenes, most well kept gardens and the best of tourist’s attractions. As you enter the city you will be delighted to feel the pleasant weather. People of Canada in an open vote choose Toronto as the happiest city in Canada with best weather conditions making it highly popular among the citizens of Canada.

There are varies reasons cited by many which has finally made Toronto a current popular in the race of an alternative capital. The city of Toronto is financially most secure city and has the most flourishing trade market which makes it a favorite among the business minded souls.

The word Toronto means “meeting place”, Toronto is often seen as the meeting point , a place where many cultures, religion and people meet. Toronto is seen as the place where we see a mixture of many minds and culture. Toronto in true sense defines the soul of Canada. People from all over the world have chosen Canada to stay and enjoy their lives. Toronto in its true original form helps people from all over earn a living, enjoy themselves and live a secure family life.

Many people believe that the capital of a country should be selected on the basis of its contribution to culture and history. In these terms Toronto is seen as the city which highly contributes to the Canadian culture. Toronto has been a hub of art and culture and it is the only city which can be seen as a cultural hub to be compared by the other world capitals. Toronto has often been compared to the world’s best capitals like Paris and London in terms of beauty, art and Multiculturism.

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