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Best Places To Stay In Toronto, Canada

Toronto is Canada’s most populous city and North America’s fifth most populous city. Toronto is known for its multi-cultural society. It has a place for everyone and it tries to accommodate various cultures, traditions and languages into one. Toronto has a vast area of land and it is divided into many sections based upon the choices of citizens.

vToronto boosts a great economy and hence forth we see a large section of wealthy upper class society citizens living here in the city. Toronto has a special quality of trying to find a place for everyone; we have many types of people living here regardless f class, language or religion. They all find a place and job hence settle down in Toronto.

The city has a great location and beautiful outer scenery in the suburbs. The suburbs of Markham, Richmond hill and North York are famous for its beauty. They are counted among some of the best locations in North America. The houses located in these suburbs mostly belong to the rich and famous. Each house is basically a mansion and costs the owner a fortune.

The condo system and construction has flooded the Toronto market in the recent decade. Most middle class men and nuclear families with working members prefer to live in the downtown hub of Toronto’s condo chains.

The government of Toronto has constructed many housing societies for middle class citizens. The areas where these chains of housing societies are located are towards the west. To name a few we have the LAWRENCE HEIGHTS, REXDALE ETC. the crime rates in these areas are higher than the rest of the areas.

Overall we see that Toronto has a place for everyone from the rich to the poor. The government has provided place for all strata’s of the society. People have chosen different areas in accordance with their choice and facility. The crime rates in Toronto are very low when compared to other parts of North America.

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