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Best Way To Spend A Day In Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada. It is called the business capital of Canada and is famous for its economy, business centers. Toronto is not only a business centre but also a centre for great art and culture. The museums in Toronto are highly famous among the tourists. The tourist when visit Toronto always go back with a smile and happy memories. Toronto has been nominated among the top ten most powerful economical cities in NORTH AMERICA. When you think of Toronto you see the modernistic city hall and the national tower.

If we were given just one day to admire the beautiful city of Toronto here is a list of places and tours which will be on my must do list-

The first thing you will notice when your flight lands in the PEARSON AIRPORT is the massive size of the airport. The famous Toronto airport has been known to all for its great structure, modernistic architecture and good hospitality. Tourists have been always welcomed in here and are treated with great respect.

In Toronto if on a budget you do not have to worry. Toronto although has big and grand hotels it even has secretive hideouts at great costs. For example we suggest you head down to the DRAKE HOTEL, this hotel is highly popular among low budget artists. Although low in budget it offers great service and safe companionship.

The first place I would like to visit is the NATIONAL CITUY TOWER. The 553 meters tall concrete and steel structure located in the centre of the city is among the tallest towers in NORTH AMERICA. NEVER MISS THE OPPURTUNITY TO VISIT THE OBESERVATION DECK AND FEEL THE FRESH BREEZE.

The second famous place on my list is to visit the state of art museum of arts. THE ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO is most famous museum in North America. It houses the art pieces of HENRY MOORE, PICASSO, GROUP OF SEVEN , RENAISSANCE etc to name a few.

The DISTILLERY DISTRICT of Toronto is very famous in NORTH AMERICA. This district has been used as a backdrop for many American films and has a reputation of attracting foreign tourists. Never miss the opportunity to enjoy a cup o latte at the Balzac’s coffee shop.

You should if possible make time like I did to visit the HARBOURFRONT AND THE POWER PLANT CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERIES. The power plant ground houses space for more than two art galleries and hence if you are interested in modernistic art then this is a definite destination on your chart.

Finally I would end my day with a perfect luxurious as well as romantic dinner at SCARAMOUCHE. This 25 years old restaurant still makes a place among all its new competitors and wins heart with the best service, food and setting.

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