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Home Remedies For Hair Fall Control And Regrowth

When you look at someone you first notice her face, her hair and then her body. To be physically attractive lets one become confident. In the modern times of stress, tension and pollution we often don’t get time to take proper care of our face and hair. We now have become dependent on the fancy cosmetic products available in the market which often harm us more than good. To look good and become like our favorite star we admire we experiment with our hair more than often now. Sometimes we want them poker straight, other times we like them wavy. We never really know when to stop unless our hair starts falling.

Falling of hair is a sign that we either have a deficiency of iron, potassium or vitamin c. the other reasons of hair fall include the artificial usage of chemicals, heat treatment and pollution. The simple way to detect if you are a victim of hair fall is to see if you are losing more than a 100 strand of hair daily.

Today we will tell you some simple tips and remedies which you can easily do at home to control hair fall and induce hair growth:-

1.OIL MASSAGE: a simple practice of massing your hair twice a week with lukewarm oil will help open closed hair follicles, reduces stress and provide nourishment to the dry scalp. You can from various oils available like coconut, almond, wheat germ, olive etc.

2.INDIAN GOOSEBERRY: It is often termed as AMLA in India and is a very rich source of vitamin c. the presence of vitamin c makes this very popular for hair care as well as skin care. The best you can use this is by making a paste of Amla’s pulp and mixing this with lemon juice. You then need to apply this paste onto your hair and leave it overnight. Practice using this mixture for 3 months and you will see drastic change in your hair quality and quantity.

3.The best and the most trusted oldest solution for hair growth in onion juice. Onions are rich in Sulphur and hence help in collagen production. You need to slice red onions in to pieces and then squeeze out the juice. Apply this juice on your scalp for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse hair. You need to repeat this process for nearly 2 months. The results will definitely be very pleasing.

4.One of the other ingredients which promote hair growth is APPLE CIDE VINEGAR. The acidic quality of this product helps us clean the scalp thoroughly, get rid of dandruff and maintaining our pH levels. Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar into filtered warm water cup and after shampoo use this solution for the final rinse. Leave it for 3 minutes and wash again.

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