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How To Do Simple Makeup At Home For A Party?

Women spend 2 years of their whole lifetime in front of mirrors. One thing that is common among all women is the passion and desire to look good and special. We all desire to look beautiful at an event; we secretly even love the look on our spouses face when he observes that we are the glamour of the event. Nothing beats the delight that we feel when we are complimented for our style and look.

We want to look best at each and every event that we attend. But is it really possible to spend so much money and time to visit the parlor to get our hair and make-up done? The practical answer is no. we are not famous celebrities that we can spend enormous amount of money and time just to go to any event.

Today we will learn some simple tricks and tips which will help us know the minute details of make-up at home-

1. The first and the most important rule is cleansing and moisturizing.

2. You need to find out your skin type, find out if you have oily skin or dry or combination. The best skin type is combination skin. If you have dry skin type you need to get a mild cleanser and a strong moisturizer. If you have oily skin you need to get a strong oil controlling cleanser and a mild moisturizer.

3. Before you start with your makeup you need to moisturize your skin thoroughly. A good session of moisturizer will keep your skin moist, damp and smooth. This will help in blocking open pores.

4. Next you need to find a concealer which suits your skin type and matches your skin tone. Apply the concealer on the dark spots and acne marks.

5. Once you have evened out your dark patches and dark circle, it is time to apply foundation. You should always apply the foundation with a sponge. Use of sponge assure you that there wont be any unevenness in the application. The application should start in the centre and move outwards.

6. The biggest mistake we make is that we apply foundation only on our face, which is wrong. Do not forget to use the foundation on your neck as well as ears.

7. Finally comes the time for your eyes. Apply a thin line of kohl on the lower eye line; you can also apply a white stroke before you apply the black kohl which will make your eyes look big. Always use gel kohl for best results.

8. You can either highlight your eyes or your lips. You cannot do both. So if you are applying an eye shadow matching your dress, apply only a lipstick with a gel gloss on your lips. Else you can simply apply kohl on the eyes and highlight your lips with a bright red or coral lipstick.

If you simply follow these easy steps at home, you will never have to spend a penny to look gorgerous.

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