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How To Improve Men’s Health At Work

How To Improve Men’s Health At Work

The simplest truth in the economy industry is that 60% of the working sector comprises of men. There are more men than women working in the Wall Street, the industries and other small scale businesses. Men have a lower life span than women and average women lives 6 years more when compared to any average man. This catastrophe of men dying early can be easily removed from the equation if only we take some simple steps forward in order to improve men’s health at work.

Men mostly spend around 8 hours working in offices or industries at work. The amount of time they invest in physical activity or sleep in quite less when compared to their working hours hence there was the introduction of a new MEN’S HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM. This program dictates a very practical approach towards the well being of working men; it not only addresses the concerns regarding working men’s physical activity but also prescribes maintenance of mental and emotional stress. It very clearly prescribes that if the industry and the company takes care of the men working for them it will be for their own benefit as this will mean full attendance of employees and greater production.

Some of the guidelines which this new men’s health improvement program recommends are-

1. Simple changes in the normal diet. The diet of a working man must contain a large amount of proteins and unsaturated carbohydrate.

2. Proper opportunities for health improvement through chances for physical activity.

3. A personal health plan which includes health check-ups for your age group.

4. A evaluation of the men’s emotional and relationship values.

5. Information on depression, anxiety and stress management.

These are some of the guidelines which the program suggests for improving the health of men at work. These changes are very basic in nature but important as well. Every company must look forward to follow such a program for their own benefit as well as the well being of their employees.

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