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Prevent Weight Gain During Menopause

The life of a woman consists of many stages. It begins as an infant small child, then comes the teenage, then the age when she becomes a women with the beginning of her menstrual cycle, then she becomes a mother and finally by the end of her middle 40’s comes the time of menopause. A woman’s body grows throughout this whole cycle of transition and with each cycle comes a challenge.

Any women who are above the age of 40 can under a certain set of changes in her body which will finally lead to her menopause. Menopause is a stage of final maturation when your menstrual cycle ends. This ending of menstrual chain leads to hormonal imbalance and other chemical changes within our body.

The worst effect of the menopause can be seen in form of weight gain especially near the abdominal area. There are various reasons for this weight gain like stress, hormonal imbalance and a risk of becoming a victim of thyroid disease.

There are certain guidelines and health tips which one must follow in order to stay healthy and live fat free during menopause-

1. EAT HEALTHY- what you eat is directly reflected on your body. Hence the simplest solution to cure all your problems is to eat healthy. The best diet after 40’s must consists of fiber rich food. Calcium for bones, iron for skin and hair and vitamin B6 for overall regulation of tissues is a must. Omega-3 rich food helps a lot in keeping one fit and away from cellulite.

2. EXCERSISE RIGHT- many people are of the mindset that when one becomes mature and reaches the old age they are supposed to rest. This thinking is absolutely wrong. A body needs rest and work in equal proportion. A persons body on old age is more weak and prone to diseases, it needs to be in best shape. Nothing keeps your body more fir than physical activity. No one asks you do make abs and get toned and workout like a professional but we ask of you only a little but regular physical training.

3. AVOID CAFFIENE AND ALCHOHOL- during our youth we get way to attached with coffees, teas and energy drinks. The main ingredient in these drinks is caffeine. Caffeine id good for health during a certain age and in certain quantities but at the later stages in can proof harmful to your health.

Alcohol consumuption is a strict no-no. Alcohol leads to many diseses,it directly affects our kidney which will in turn effect or hormonal balance. Hence alcohol can prove fatal to you during your menopause.

If you want to experience a safe menopause with no weight gain and healthy life these simple changes are a must for you.

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