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Big Braided Bun Haristyle Tutorial Step By Step

Buns really looks cute on face and when it comes on the end of braided bun then personally I suggest you to go with big braids bun coz it is bit messy foe daily look or for a formal event. The big braided hair style suits for late night parties as well as casual hangout. We are here for you with simple steps of this tutorial.

Step1: Make sure your hairs should be dry enough for this hair style because that looks pretty nice and to hold your hairs together for long as in style.

Step2: Take a small section of hairs from top of head and start forming a braid till the end.

Step3: You can secure your braid with small clear elastic at the end of braid and gently pull the sides of your braid to make it wider.

Step4: Make a pony tail of rest of your hairs next to braid and use elastic to make its end bigger.

Step5: Now wrap your braid around the base of the bun and pin it up. Now you can spray your hairs and you are ready.

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