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Bollywood Posters Inspired From Hollywood Posters

Bollywood Film industry is just mean to entertain their audience with their movies and providing them the best entertainment film ever which they can remember throughout their life. But some of their stories are written by the writes and rest stories are believed that are copied form other film industry like Hollywood, Tollywood, Pollywood or from some already written novels like stuff. In reality, the Bollywood pictures are not copied exactly but yes you can look at the glimpse at some point which is somehow similar to the movie from which the story is taken.

We have few of examples of movies which are copied you can say, but not exactly like Krrish is similar to Paycheck, Rang de Basanti is similar to All my sons, Heropanthi is similar to South Film Parugu, God Tussi Great ho inspired from Bruce Almighty, Wanted is remake of Telgu film Pokiri, Bodygaurd is remake of Malayalam Bodygaurd and lots of other films are there which are remake of Other language films or these films are inspired from other film industry. As like the movie stories, they are inspired or copied from other film industry and then is out to entertain the audience, the same way movies posters now days are copied or inspired from other film industry movies and that is what surprising the audience.

If you look at the examples of the few of recent movie which are lined up for release then the list is like this Bombay velvet is copied from gone with the wind, NH10 posted is copied from black widow, anjaana anjaani poster is copied from an education, and the last but not least poster of badlapur is copied from 300 the rise of empire etc. are in the list and like their poster is very similar to the original like their poster is copied from the original one.

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