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Check Out! Top 9 Celebrities & Their Huge Crushes

Just like we normal people had crush in our teen life or in childhood, same as like us the Bollywood celebrities had crush in their teen life or in childhood. These are the crushes that still makes them week in their knee. And they are madly in love with them and are still ready to date their crushes if they ever get a chance to date them. We have some of the examples of these Bollywood celebrities and you will be surprised with the fact that Bollywood stars have crushes on the other celebrity.

1: Can you imagine the Bollywood Dabang Khan has crush on the Bollywood’s Dream Girl Hema Malini.

2: The beauty queen and stunning actress Vidya Balan has a huge crush on Bollywood’s King Khan, Shahrukh Khan. And somewhere the actress quoted “Eternally I had crush on SRK. He is everlasting and you can’t get far better than that.

3: The young actress Alia Bhutt has a huge crush on the Barfi Actor Ranbir Kapoor! Even she admitted that she desperately wants to work with her crush. During the promotion of her first film she said Ranbir is her first crush and she loves him very much and he always remain her biggest crush ever.

4: Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, And Shraddha Kapoor are lined up in the list as they all have crush on the Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan. They have their moment which made them to fall in love with their greek god Hrithik Roshan.

5: As like other Actress Parineeti Chopra also has crush on Saif Ali Khan during the promotions of her first film and she said “Saif is her crush and please don’t tell him”.

As like these celebrities we have list of other actors who have crush on other Bollywood celebrities as well as they co-stars. For more review check out the website.

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