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Easy Braided Banana Clip Hairstyle Tutorial For Long Hair

Banana clip is a simple hair clip that helps you to pull your hairs back and you can secure it in place. You can use a clip in variety of hairstyle including ponytail, braids, updo hairstyle etc. The banana clip works with best on shoulder length hairs or longer. So, personally I suggest you to follow up this hairstyle as you can wear it all your weekend. Follow all the simple steps from the starting to end and get a unique hairstyle to yourself. Steps are very easy and quick to learn.

Step1: Start with dry hairs and take a section from the front of your head and start back combing it just to create a puff.

Step2: Twist your hair like a set on your crown and secure it with bobby pin.

Step3: Now loosely French braid your hairs at the back and secure this braid with elastic. Make your braid little messy either by rubbing in between the palms or by pulling its sides.

Step4: Clamp the banana clip around the braid and then loosen the sides of braid.

Step5: Pin out the loosen pieces of the braid around the banana clip so you can hide it well and make a fluff where you need that.

Step6: Roll up the braid upward towards the nape of the neck and secure it with bobby pins.

Step7: Finally spray your hairs with flexible hold spray and get ready with your braided banan clip hairstyle.

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