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Easy To Do Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

If you think you can handle out the messy style nail art then I would suggest you to go with splatter nail art design. Because this is the only design which looks super cool and very easy to do. You might regret while cleaning up the mess but let me tell you one thing it’s awesome! Aside from the messy thing, the tutorial will help you out with lots of the compliments which you can get from your friends either or from your partner. Get yourself set with this tutorial and make a change in your nail art design.

Step1: Make sure your nails are clean to apply a base coat and or you can use 2 coats of white polish as base coat.

Step2: Use that color which you wish to use as a splattering purpose and leave the nail color as in the form of a droplet.

Step3: using a dotting tool, toothpick, orange stick or any other pointy tool, spread the polish from the droplet outward in the several different direction like you do splatter with the help of straw the design should be like that.

Step4: Apply the tiny dots around the splatted design with the same color polish and use another droplet of different color and repeat the same step as above.

Step5: If you want more color on your nail then repeat the same step as above.

Step6: Let your colors get completely dry and now apply top coat to smooth out the edges of your splatters style and you are ready with your hair style.

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