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Easy Tribal Nail Art Tutorial Step By Step

Hello girls, today we are going to give you detailed tutorial for tribal nail design. Simply you need black nail paint, blue nail paint, white nail paint, base and top coat, last but not least str!pper rush. All you need is to follow these steps so; you can make it on your own.

Step1: Apply base nail coat and use scotch tape on the sides of your nail and apply blue nail paint on the middle of nail.

Step2: Let the blue paint get dry completely and use tape on that blue nail paint so you can use white nail paint on the blank sides of your nail.

Step3: Now peel off the tape from center of your nail and outline your middle blue strip. Just like middle blue strip you can make lines on white paint also if you wish and dots too.

Step4: You can either leave it as dots/strips on white paint only or you can make some triangle or other design in the middle blue strip which can make it unique.

Step5: Finally you are done with your art and make it secure with top coat.

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