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How To Do Quick Braided Chignon Hairstyle With Easy Steps

Today’s hairstyle tutorial is braided chignon hairstyle. This is one of those styles which you can make classic or romantic for your date. Whether you got long or medium hairs the braided chignon hairstyle will make your looks perfect for the date. There is no need to do extra curling of your hairs with curling iron or something weird. Here, we going to show you perfect braided chignon hairstyle as step by step. Follow these steps from the starting and get the amazing style which you can carry long a day even.

Step1: Make three sections of your hairs, parting from the ears forward and then down to the middle in the back. Tie up two braids at the back and secure them with elastic.

Step2: Make the desired partition in the front as you wish.

Step3: Twist the front loose hair and drag them to back so you can wrap them around and secure them with bobby pins.

Step4: If you have longer hairs then continue to twist and wrap the hairs around the back head. And secure them with bobby pins.

Stpe5: Now on the back side of your head, take the one long braid and fold it in half and then again fold it across your head and now secure this braid with bobby pins as upside down and downside up.

Step6: Repeat the same step with the other strand of the braid and secure it with bobby pin across the head.

Stpe7: If there are some of loose hairs then tuck them back into your tied hairs and use hair spray to secure them for the day. Now you are ready with your hairstyle.

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