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How To Get Loose & Soft Wavy Updo Hairstyle With Easy Steps

Hey guys, today we have wonderful collection of hairstyle tutorial steps; I hope you are excited enough. One suggestion always chooses your outfit with a lovely hairstyle and that is what the basic rule for making your simple hairstyle as unique hairstyle. Even when you are in hurry you just simply choose the bun style as you do it always in the morning hours. The tutorial which we going to discuss here is easy and quick adoptable and that will take very less of your time. Just follow the simple steps from the starting and get updo hairstyle whether you have long hairs or short and medium hairs.

Step1: You can use the styling cream throughout hairs to add some texture and to make a good grip hold on your hairs.

Step2: Use a curling wand to set the curls on your hairs and let them get settled for the next 30 minutes. And the next you can do just lightly comb up your hairs with finger.

Step3: Pull up the hairs on one side and secure them with bungee hair band and once the hairs are tied then pull them out beneath the bungee band.

Step4: Now you can do what is, just simply pull out some of hairs from the grip so your hair will look soft and fluffy.

Step5: Grab the loose section of hairs apart from the bungee band and twist, wrap them around the band so you can hide this band either.

Stpe6: Secure you hairs style with bobby pins and hair spray and you are ready with your hairstyle.

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