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How To Get Perfect Crown Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Numbers of people are secretly jealous of braiding hair style that they only see at blogs or in the streets but never try so, always end up with simple bun or ponytail style. Until you don’t know what is the method that how it works out than you won’t be able to adopt the super cool hair style. Follow these simple steps and master your favorite crown braid hairstyle.

Step1: Split up your hairs in middle and get it as close as you can.

Step2: Starting from the back braid your hairs towards your forehead and similarly do the same with the other side and this is how you will notice a pretty awkward braids when you finish with steps.

Step3: You can wrap the braids to see only that, which of style you want and then cross one over your head like headband and place it with bobby pins. Repeat the same with other braid.

Step4: Pull few pieces of hairs around your face and it looks modern and messier and you are ready with your hairstyle.

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