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How To Get Your Perfect Makeup In Just 5 Min

If you are hurry in the morning and the last thing you want to do a 20 minute makeup look! Mostly you are in hurry in morning hours and want to get ready within a short period of time, sounds impossible but it can be possible with the steps which we going to tell you in this tutorial. Mostly you require lots of courage to hide the dark circles under your eyes. Personally saying, don’t use much quantity of the product to hide the dark shade below your eyes. Now follow these simple steps of this makeup tutorial and it will take only five minutes of your morning hours.

Step1: Use concealer which will blend with your skin and contains moisturizer so it won’t crease under the eye. You can blend it with concealer brush or sponge.

Step2: Use a large brush to sweep powder all over your face to create a shine free face.

Step3: Paint Apple of your cheeks with large edge brush.

Step4: Apply mascara on your eye lashes, starting from the end to edge of lash and the same repeat for other eye.

Step5: Complete your makeup with a coat of pink sheer gloss and you are ready with your makeup.

These simple steps are easy to follow and will take only five minutes from apart from your hurry time. Follow these steps from starting to end, and get ready with your makeup within a short period of time. Checkout the other tutorials on the website and stay tuned for more updates.

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