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How To Make A Bun Without An Elastic?

Styling the bun with elastic is in style and now we suggest you to go with no elastic bun style. Rubber band will pull out your hair strands, instead of scrambling for rubber band just grab a pencil or any stick and keep it up in an improvised messy bun. Why there is a need of an elastic rubber band when you have opportunity to save your hair strands. Go fancy with your no elastic bun style because this is what look pretty cool like you can hang some accessory on your stick and that’s how you can make beautiful bun style.

Step1: Collect all of your hair into a ponytail, wrapping one hand around the pony tail and the other one around the base of pony tail.

Step2: Hold tight this pony wrap the length of the pony around your hand keeping the pointer finger outside which will help you as a further hook.

Step3: When your hairs are wrapped in a bun type circle then pull up your hairs from the loop and you can use your pointer finger to assist your pull.

Step4: maintain the loop and wrap the remaining bit of hair down in the loop and lock back in it.

Step5: Use a pencil or a stick to secure your messy bun like if you don’t wish to use elastic which might break your strands. Using a pencil will accessorize your hairs too.

Step6: Use a light spray to settle down your hairs and you are ready with your new hairstyle bun.

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