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How To Tease And Fluff Your Hair Step By Step

For fluffing up hairs, you don’t need a blow drier or curling heating iron for this one. To add volume to your hairs don’t try the harsh method to make a volume to your hairs, just simply follow up the steps without using the kind of heating instrument. All you need to be patient and calm so you can manage the fluff in your hairs. Start adopting your hairs from the starting to end and you will be able to make the bluff at your own home.

Step1: Make sure that your hairs should be dry and make a central partition so the end of partition you can make a 1 inch section of your hairs.

Step2: Starting half way up the length of hair, tease your hair downward repeatedly. Don’t be afraid because you are not going to lessening down the volume of your hairs. Spray this section.

Step3: The same way do the same on the second and the third section and spray each section.

Step4: Now use a brush to smooth out your teased hairs. Give a fluff shape to your hairs either with brush or with the tail of teasing brush and then spray this section.

Step5: On the left side of your part, the same way separate a 1 inch section and tease and spray. The same way tease and spray the second and the third section on the sides of your head. And then spray each section.

Step6: Now smooth the side hairs then fluff with the help of brush and the spray again to hold the fluff for the day.

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