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Pink Crush Nail Art Tutorial For Cute Girls

Messing up with no of coats and its taking too much time, don’t get in hectic procedure, get a simple bright color with only one coat. You can put some glitters on the nail edge which is perfectly a simple design and looks pretty good than a hectic procedure.

Step1: Paint your nail with base color which can be light color and then put on your desired shade of pink color. Prefer it should not be too much dark or light, just go with a medium shade.

Step2: Wait for the moment till you nail paint is getting dry completely.

Step3: Now take some glitters at one end of the sponge tissue and make an easy way to use by just rolling over nail at corner edge of the nail.

Step4: Surprisingly all of your glitter would stuck at nail and you don’t need to panic much, later on if you wish for further protection then use top coat and here you go with simple and Pinkish Style.

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