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Ponytail Twist Hairstyle Tutorial For School Girls

Ponytail looks nice and very pretty and it looks pretty when it comes with some of the twists. Simple hair style doesn’t look good so far so braids and ponytail looks much far better. Today we have very simple step tutorial with ponytail with twist of hair.

Step1: Get a deep side part on the left side of your head and then gather rest of hairs and sweep into the right.

Step2: Divide the left side hairs into two sections and cross the hairs over each other and twist. Make this 2-3 times more so you can have the start of right and thick twist.

Step3: Take your vertical section alongside your twist and add it into the twist.

Step4: Continue with this process of incorporating this vertical section with twist until you reach the opposite side of your head and now you can grab these into ponytail and secure with elastic.

Step5: You can a thread of hair and wrap it around your ponytail and the tuck back into your ponytail and place with bobby pins.

Stpe6: Give it a spray and you are ready with your style.

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