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Quip Vs Google Docs: Which Is The Better Tool For Writing?

If you are a freelancer and choosing writing as your earning statement than it’s a very good choice and personally saying it is really a good job to do. What if you are asked to choose the quip v/s Google docs for writing purpose apart from the desktop writing products like MS word and Excel etc. Google doc is the king of web based writing and it is so popular that come out with its web based product and that is essentially a lightweight product than Office word you are used to. But the question is which one is better out of Quip and Google doc? In my opinion the Google doc is much better than the quip because of the following reason.

1: Google docs is supposed to be writing suit for the modern world but looks like MS word on the other hand Quip is modern and embraces the modern design.

2: Google Doc is a feature rich and support Add-ons and scripts where quip has none of those things and if you really want power features than quip isn’t for you.

3: But quip takes the prize somewhere as quip gives much better joy than Google docs plus it supports developer friendly features.

4: For formatting and live collaboration Google Docs is the best app and this is where Quip lags behind Google Docs. In Google docs you can easily make changes and can expect the text to flow freely in the available space.

On the basis of above conversation you can say that Google docs is a much better place for writing in compassion to Quip.

Item Reviewed: Quip Vs Google Docs: Which Is The Better Tool For Writing? Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Paul Emond
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