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The Flaming Nail Art Tutorial

“Girl on fire” could be the suitable tile for this nail art but we don’t want to make it so violent by its name so, it’s easy to keep it simple as flaming nail art. Keep your patience level high and your color shelf ready because you going to be fierce Mani!!!

Step1: Draw flame shapes onto a model with white nail art pen and then fills the flame shapes. Let them get dry for next few minutes.

Step2: Now you need to outline the flame shape form inside with red color and orange and then yellow. Make a proper flame shape but it can be irregular in shape so let them get dry for next a while.

Step3: Paint your nails the color you want as a background color for flames.

Step4: Peel off dried flames from the model and simply just put them one by one on center of your nail.

Step5: Now slowly and at ease fill the part of the flame on your nail that hangs off from nail.

Step6: Give it a final touch with top coat and let it get dry as quick and you are ready with flames on your nail.

Item Reviewed: The Flaming Nail Art Tutorial Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Paul Emond
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