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Top 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World Ever

Being the music lover and you love expansive things then we have the right choice for you as the engineers have made the most expansive headphones in the world. You love to enjoy music whether in private or somehow like when you are travelling to somewhere. Now, these guys have created something even more amazing, headphones. We have a list of headphones which is the most expansive and their price quote is included in it.

1: Abyss AB - $5,495

2: Ultrasone edition 5 - $4,999

3: Stax SR-009 “Earspeaker”- $4,450

4: Audeze LCD-3 - $1,945

5: Grasdo PS1000 – $1,695

6: Senheiser HD800 - $1,500

7: Beyerdynamic T1 - $1,399

8: JH Audio JH16 PRO - $1,149+Custom ear molds

9: Hifiman HE 6 - $1,299

10: Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 - $1,200

All the headphones created, are not equal because all the modern headphones are created to serve a solitary purpose and that is to bring music to ears without compromising the comfort, mobility and invading other people’s audible range. These headphones have features like super bass, noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, crisp sound etc. There are lots of premium options which you won’t be able to find in the cheap rated headphones. If money is not the issue and you want the top line headphones then we already have provided you the list of the most expansive headphones in the market today.

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