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How To Make Fancy Bun Hairstyle Design?

After following the hectic schedule throughout the entire week, holiday is precious one for everyone. I have been enjoying giving you guys my hairstyle tutorial but this time just come forward with the holiday special, The Fancy Bun hairstyle. The reason behind this is to be categorized as special; you can wear it in wedding! And of course as in casual look too. Personally, I believe you would be horrible on the first day but yes you can try the rest after you run your hands in practice. Follow the steps from the beginning and get yourself this fancy bun hairstyle.

Step1: Start with teasing your hairs and then part them half with a straight line from one ear to other. Tie you back half into a low ponytail and tug out the hair from ponytail at the crown. Spritz some heat protectant and curl the front two sections of your hairs into a 1 inch curl.

Step2: Curl your ponytail and grab all of your ponytail hairs into one hand and press them onto the holder of ponytail and secure the hairs with 10-15 bobby pins. Here you got the nice lumpy bumpy bun, now swag some hairs onto the top of the bun.

Step3: Grab the next section of hairs and swag them into the bun like you did it before. Take the first side of your hairs and tuck them into the back bun and the same repeat with the other side of your head.

Step4: Leave few hairs out of the bun and give your hairs a good hold hair spray and you are ready with your hair style.

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