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Cute Braided Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

Braiding hairstyle is really fun in making and it feels amazing when you try for you long hairs. Sometimes it feels annoying to carry the long hairs as make the stuff difficult to carry but yes there are lot of ways to get rid of this thing and braiding hairstyle is one out of them. You can either go for long braid ponytail or braided crown set which really looks pretty cool to carry and super easy to get set with long hairs. For you we have a complete set of tutorial steps and you can follow the steps from the beginning and get the crown set of your long hairs.

Step1: It really doesn’t matter which side you want to start on, just grab a chunk of hairs from above the ear.

Step2: Start braiding that chunk of hairs till the end and secure with clear elastic. Loosen the side of the braided chunk with your fingers.

Step3: The same way repeat the steps from the other side of your head and braid the chunk of hairs.

Step4: Bring across the braid from the one side to other and again start braiding with a new chunk of hairs and it looks like the same braid is on braiding process, and don.t forget to remove the elastic which you used to secure it before you start braiding.

Step5: Secure the braid with bobby pins at the back of your head.

Step6: Get the other side hairs and start braiding them and the same way get another chunk of hairs so you can braid it like continuously.

Step7: Tuck both the ends together behind your head and you are ready with your hair styling. Give your braids a hair spray and you are ready with braiding of your long hairs.

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Item Reviewed: Cute Braided Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair Description: Braiding hairstyle is really fun in making and it feels amazing when you try for you long hairs Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Paul Emond
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