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DIY Your Hair To Caramel Brown Color at Home With Ombre - Hair Color Tutorial

You guys might have been working on dying your hairs but results are not efficient, consequently you may die your hairs 2-4 times in a weak and that can damage your hairs too. Reason being, over coloring can lead to dry, brittle and excessive overlapping of the colors. You might have noticed the hairs got different color on the root and the ends. To resolve this we are here with the quality tutorial that you can follow from the beginning to the end and get the better results at your own home only.

Step1: Get done with the allergic test before 48 hours of doing any type of chemical process on you including the hair coloring.

Step2: Get a plastic bowl in which you can mix up the chemical with the hair color with the help of the coloring brush and get it done by mixing the solution properly.

Step3: When you are done with mixing then wear the rubber or plastic sleeves on your hand so that color will not affect your hand and you can easily apply the color onto the roots of your hairs.

Step4: Now carefully pick up the color mixture with hair brush and start apply it from the root in the hair by part the hairs side by side.

Step5: if needed then apply on the ends of the hairs and leave the hairs for next 10-15 minutes so the colors can show its color on the hairs.

Step6: After the required time wash your hairs with the perfect conditioner and you are done with your coloring of hairs that can last for 2-3 weeks.

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