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Easy Mermaid Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

Mermaids are the real queen of the fishes found deep under the ocean, just as a myth for few people but may be not for everyone. Never mind! We have the makeup design of the mermaids that one might have seen in the cartoon movies, which always found with heavy makeup. Therefore, we are here to help you guys with the Mermaid makeup tutorial that you can follow from the beginning to end and you can get the makeup tutorial by your own. Grab your tool for the makeup because the tutorial is super easy even for beginners.

Step1: Begin by applying the primer over the over the eyelids just to clean the area when the mermaid makeup will be applied.

Step2: Get the medium shade of the pink color over the makeup brush and apply it over the entire eyelid and just below from the brow.

Step3: Now get the blue shade of the color and start applying from the mid center of the eyelid to the corner of the eyelid.

Step4: Again choosing the one more shade of the color and that is golden color and apply it on the intersection of the two previous colors and try to blend the golden color over the entire eyelid.

Step5: Use the foundation just below the eyebrow to highlight the mermaid eye makeup and following to that apply the black liner on the eyelashes just to enhance the beauty of the mermaid eyes.

Step6: When you are done apply the mascara on the eyelashes and you are done here.

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