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Futuristic Two Tone Classic Lipstick Tutorial

Beauty trends ranges from funky to the downtown bizarre, sometimes you don’t know what you try and what will come until you try that out. The same is in the case of double tone lips, that you try and will give you the best gradient effect. Today, we are here with double tone lips tutorial for you, so you can make this out at your own home only. The tutorial is described by steps that beginner can also do this with few flicks of try. Get yourself set with tools that you can start doing it by following the tutorial from the beginning to end.

: Start with removing the dead skin from your lips and then apply the moisturizing balm over the lips that you are preparing your lips for the lipstick application.

Step2: Start outlining the lip with the color shade liner you want to fill in the upper lip and be careful when you are marking the “V” of the upper lip because it should be crisp in the shape.

Step3: While you are marking the lower lip start outlining from the corner and drag the liner to the middle of the lip.

Step4: Now take the lip brush and put the lipstick shade over the brush of which you used the liner on the upper lip and start filling the lip.

Step5: The same way start filling the lower lip with lip brush with the same tone of the lower lip liner.

Step6: Apply the clockwork to the inner lower lip and blend it down so, you are done with the classic double tone lips.

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