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How To Create Your Own Tattoo Design At Home?

If you are not able to find out the ready-made design for you then try to make your own design that you want to place on your wrist or finger or anywhere on the body. Imagine the design you want to make and put that design on the tracing paper so that you can place the design on your body. You need the instructions that how you will make it then we have this tutorial for the following that you can follow step by step and get your favorite design on your wrist or anywhere on the body.

Step1: To begin, you need to get the design and that is what you can get just by imagining the design and draw the design on the tracing paper that you can get from the stationery shop if you are not able to get the printed sheet of the design.

Step2: Always use the free following ink gel pens to draw the design and try to avoid the permanent marker or printer ink because they are chemically harmful for the skin.

Step3: Print the design on the tracing paper sheet and then darken the design with the gel pen.

Step4: Figure out where you want to place the tattoo and meanwhile get a cup of warm water from which you can get wet you cloth.

Step5: Place the piece of paper where you exactly want to place your deign and place the wet cloth firmly on the tattoo design for approximate 30 seconds.

Step6: Slowly peel off the paper to see that have you transferred the tattoo on the skin or not.

Step7: Once it is done then do not brush or rag that part of the body and BINGO! You made it.

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How To Create Your Own Tattoo - Video Tutorial

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