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3 Must-Know Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

As you already know, a good diet and a few healthy habits are the key to getting a younger face and fresh, but makeup can also be a great ally.

You should know that makeup has some rules to follow, and if we do it incorrectly, we can fall into the error resemble "more" as the age that we have in reality. With little secrets that we will tell you in this article, you can get a really awesome thing!

1. A look full of light

That would be a face without a peaceful and bright eyes ? As you know, one of the essential keys to look younger is to start with the eyes.

One of the best enemies of our look are the dark circles if annoying, which tend to age us and give us a dull face.

Lets see what we can do to mitigate them.

Tips to correct dark circles and bags under the eyes

Imagine you get up in the morning with a bad aspect, because of . those terrible dark circles under eyes To remedy this, follow these simple steps:

• Prepare a chamomile tea. (Two chamomile tea bags in half a glass of water)

• Meanwhile, take a small teaspoon and put it in the refrigerator.

• When chamomile is well cooled, take the two bags and put them on each eye for 5 minutes. Then take the spoon that you put in the refrigerator and apply it on your eyes and more exactly on dark circles.

The coldness of the metal reactivate the traffic, and you will see that it will be really effective.

• Alternate the bag of chamomile and the small cool spoon. You will see how the appearance of your eyes will change and they will be ready for makeup. Makeup tips for eyes

First use a good basis for the eyes. Thus, imperfections are reduced and shadows last longer. Use a good eye far to give a beautiful light to your eyes.

Make up your lashes with mascara and just make a line at the top of your eyes. Under the eyes, it is ideal to use a white eyeliner to give more depth to your look.

Also use eye shadows in warm colors like peach, pink or gold, that make your skin soft and warm.

2. A fresh, pink skin

Facial masks home for younger skin

There are simple home remedies which make it easy to look younger.Their secret lies in their natural properties, nutrition and windfall profits.

Take note of how to develop these masks.

1. The mask cucumber

• Half a cucumber peeled and sliced

• 2 chamomile sachets

• A green tea bag

• 5 grams of aloe vera gel

First, we must make a juice with cucumber and aloe vera. Once ready, put it on the fire and let steep chamomile and green tea, until the mixture is slightly thick.

Let stand and once cool, apply it on the face with a cotton ball and leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse well with warm water.

2. The mask with papaya and honey

• The puree half papaya

• 3 tablespoons honey

• 3 tablespoons of natural Greek yoghurt

Use a bowl or a bowl to mix all ingredients. You can apply your cream in the evening and leave it on your skin for 15 minutes.

Finally, rinse well with warm water, and you will see how your skin will be pretty.

Makeup tips for your face

• Use a good foundation, which in addition protects you from the sun. It must be a tone lighter than your skin color, with satin effect finish. This provides a very good result, which develops and makes the skin younger.

• Use on your cheeks blush good: this will bring you a fresh and delicate touch. The peach, for example, is effective.

• Narrow your eyebrows with a brown pencil. Do you know that a little more fleshed eyebrows are fashionable? They give us a more cheerful air, and child friendly. Remember for example the eyebrows of Audrey Hepburn !

3. Beautiful healthy lips

Simple tips for beautiful lips

As you know, the main enemies of the lips are dry and their small skins, because they give us a tired or even sick.

Moreover, it is impossible to make up for the lipstick does not stick, finishes are absent and the result is not pretty.

Take note of all you need to do to have beautiful lips and look younger:

• Make camomile tea with a bag in half a glass of water, then let stand.

• Once it's warm, take a small cotton and rub it on your lips.

• Now, take a spoonful of sugar and apply it on a cotton pad, then, use it to exfoliate your lips. Do yourself a gentle massage to remove these dead skin.

• Now do you apply some Vaseline.

• Leave it on your lips for 10 minutes, then remove with a new massage.

• Now, your lips have no impurity, are cool and well hydrated.

You know that when you make up your mouth, you need to find a balance. If your eyes are heavily loaded with mascara and eye shadow, choose a neutral tone or pink for your lips.

• If instead you have little makeup your lashes, and you put soft shadows, you can choose a color more sustained lips. Tones that highlight, for example, are the color orange or cherry.

Remember to look younger through your makeup , shiny shades are essential, the right makeup bases also and above all, do not overload the face.

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