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Find Out What Your Hair Say About Your Health!

Hair is, without doubt, one of the signs of beauty and the most important vitality of our body.

We all want to have hair shiny and dense, but it is not always easy.

Sometimes we lose our hair, we feel little tingling of the scalp or we find that they dry up strongly.

Faced with these situations, we often do not know what to do to fight against these phenomena.

We are confident that the information we give you will surprise you and will be able to help you have a more beautiful hair and brighter.Take note!

1. Excessive hair loss

It is important to clarify that when you notice that you are losing hair in one or more specific areas of your scalp , consult your doctor.

Indeed, it is not something normal or a symptom of old age. The causes of this disorder can be quite serious, and you definitely need to take into account:

• States of stress and very high anxiety.

• Autoimmune disease: infections, $exually transmitted diseases, etc.

• Thyroid problems: hypothyroidism is often the disorder of the thyroid gland that is associated with abnormal hair loss.

Losing her hair globally is not the same as losing hair on specific areas of the skull.

The aforementioned disorders often cause a hole in the hair, forming a completely bald area from the rest of the scalp.

In this case, do not hesitate for a second to see your doctor , who is the only person authorized to give you a serious diagnosis.

Do not be too worried about all that, there is a suitable treatment for each of the health problems we have talked about.

2. The damaged hair, with split ends, fragile

We've all been periods when our hair is more fragile. They become very brittle, and we lose greater amounts than usual.

What is it due? Is it a symptom of anemia? As you know, in women, the one-time hair loss is a direct sign of mineral deficiency.

Perhaps you thought that this is a lack of iron, but you should know that sometimes it can also be a zinc deficiency, chromium, manganese or potassium.

• Try to adopt a varied and balanced diet. If you are vegetarian, be very careful about your intake of iron and vitamins. If you have doubts about the quality of your nutrition, see a nutritionist.

• Remember to include regularly in your diet, dried fruit , such as walnuts or almonds. These fruits are very suitable for this kind of problem because they contain many essential minerals, in addition to being delicious!

• See your doctor regularly so that he can check if you do not suffer from any food deficit.

3. Dry hair

Dry hair is almost always the product of the action of external agents such as the sun, dyes or chemicals.

Having dry hair is not necessarily due to a health problem. Read the following few details, which will for sure help!

• Do you use anti-dandruff shampoo? : according to many dermatologists, the continued use of anti-dandruff shampoo results in a dry hair.

These products tend to absorb moisture on the scalp, in addition to a composition based antifungal products which can irritate the scalp.

Therefore Limit the use of this type of shampoo. Once or twice a week seems to be an adequate frequency. The rest of the week, use moisturizing shampoos more.

• Do you use color shampoos fixers? : it goes almost the same as in the previous case. These products contain a high dose of chemicals that dry the hair. Do use only once a week maximum.

• Tobacco, prolonged sun exposure, or pollution can also dry the hair. You may use moisturizing oils to protect you, such as coconut oil , which is excellent!

4. itchy scalp

Many skin problems such as lice, for example, can generate this kind of itchy scalp.

When considering the various causes itching, we must of course mention the problems related stress , we can be classified in two categories:

• The recurring stress: we all ever had in our lives. Itching or irritation, appear in our scalp, in particularly stressful times like exams sessions, major professional projects, etc.

Nervousness is generally added to fatigue to give birth to these annoying itching.

Some changes in our metabolism to operate, which is why hair that extreme sensitivity can occur.

• Post-traumatic stress: the loss of a loved one, accident, or any kind of injury can have serious consequences on the lives of everyone.

It is interesting that in these cases, and more to suffer from itching and irritation of the scalp, loss of hair coloring can be observed.The hair will gradually become gray.

In conclusion, we can say that the hair is often a reflection of our health but also our emotions .

It is very important that you take care of your diet, avoiding at all costs to be prone to iron deficiency, zinc and manganese.

Avoid using too many chemicals, and learn to manage your emotions correctly.

Stress is, in most cases, the silent enemy that affects many of our basic functions.

It makes us sick and prevents us from having the look we want.Be very careful about it!

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