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How To Do Side Braided Hairstyle?

Requirement:-Hair elastic


Step1:-Make out the hair separate out and brush it for the furthermore, you want to remove any knots or tangles before you start to braid.

Step2:-According to your convenient and style just pick up the side and get starting the separation of the hair parts. Total numbers of the part will be the three in the selected section of the hair styles.

Step3:-Now we have to make the Dutch braid which would somewhat different from the general raiding styles.

Step4:-Try to add some more hairs in each section and add some even amount on both to keeping the both braid section same in amount.

Step5:-Keep going on to the braiding by using both side hair, bringing the right section under the center, and the left under the right. When you run out of hair to add in, bring your right hand around to the front and braid to the end of your hair.

Step6:-Make secure the braid and tightening it with the help of the small clear elastic and then stretch out your braid.

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