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How To Get Rid Of Fungus Infections And Warts

Exit the yellow spots on the nails and small white growths on the feet. With the arrival of spring, we want flawless feet in our shoes. The advice of Daphne Thioly-Bensoussan, dermatologist.

How to recognize them?

The wart is a round lesion of a few millimeters sometimes with small black dots. In most cases, it grows under the sole and hurts. The fungus is very different. When located on a fingernail , it makes the yellow and brittle. It is then called the onychomycosis . But it can also occur between the toes . The skin reddens, cracks and itches. It is the athlete's foot .

What treatment for a wart?

If you have planned to go in the sun soon, it differs from the passage dermatologist . He may want to burn the wart with liquid nitrogen. Which then assumes dressings with a basis of salicylic acid highly concentrated for 2 or 3 months. Not really suitable with open toe shoes.

It is best then to opt for a treatment home. We start by freezing the wart with SOS Warts Scholl , by Wartner Wartner or Urgo warts . And is then cured with a varnish based type salicylic acid Kerafilm Ducray or Duofilm Glaxosmithkline. Or with Transvercid patches Ducray to leave on overnight and remove the day. Whatever the chosen solution, delicately rub the wart every 2 or 3 days with very fine sandpaper. If the wart is still present after a month or if you have a doubt about its complete disappearance, the dermatologist is consulted.

What treatment for mycosis?

A fungus that is not too wide can be treated with over the counter products. For that located between toes , asked a antifungal cream form for the evening and powder for the morning, more convenient to walk (Ex .: Mycoster Pierre Fabre , non-prescription). We must put after washing and drying all inter-toes spaces. The fungus disappears between 15 days and 3 weeks.

This is not the case of one that attacks the nail. Indeed for healing, the nail must be completely repulsed. But it only grows one millimeter / month. Treatment comes in the form of a varnish applied daily (type Solution Scholl nail fungus or nail care of damaged Mercurochrome ).

To hide the offending nail, you can put a layer of varnish colorful morning over the treatment. Only one condition: to remove all solvent every night before applying a new coat of varnish dealing. Otherwise the active ingredient does not penetrate the nail. If the fungus seems to spread, the dermatologist is consulted. Most often, he prescribed a gel to destroy the diseased nail and an anti-fungal lacquer to apply for approximately 1 year.

5 tips to avoid fungus and warts on feet

1. Treat immediately: The wart is a virus. Mycosis is caused by a fungus. There is therefore a risk of spreading elsewhere in the body and transmission to those around him.

2. Avoid walking barefoot: Beware of swimming pools, saunas, locker rooms, grating on the beaches, etc.

3. Discard any object (sandpaper, lime ...) used on the contaminated area.

4. Regularly vacuuming: History avoid contamination from the ends of nails or skin. Same cleaned out the bathroom.

5. And to end mycoses: is wiped between her toes after showering and limit perspiration by wearing cotton socks that changes daily and using an antiperspirant spray.

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