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How To Make your Face look Thinner With Makeup

Many of us have a rather round face, with cheeks in good health we desire disguise. How to get a thinner face without pain and almost effortless? We invite you to discover here simple beauty tips that will delight you.

1. The best hairstyle for a thinner face

To obtain a finer face, it is best to avoid hair curly or wavy,because by falling on our face, they still mark over our coarse features.Also, it is better to have stiff or degraded. The best advice is to keep the hair straight to refine the cheeks but if you wear rather curly, try to train the sweetest possible loops.

Also avoid that their length is up to the jaw. It is better to have longer or even shorter, but never to this length as it expands the jaw. The ideal is that the length is above the chin to the eyes are on your cheekbones and to obtain an softer effect, a face thinner.

And what about the fringe? With or without? In this case, the side or asymmetrical fringe is what puts the most value, like the one you see on the image above.

With this hairstyle, we hide the curves and we soften the features. You will find that it will fit you well.

As final advice, it is best to make you the next line, never in the center, as if you divide the face into two equal parts and it hardens.

2. The best makeup for a thinner face

1. Soft colors on the lips

This is the most recommended. You can be passionate vibrant colors like red, but the best is to choose soft colors that soften the face, thus avoiding the jaw is not too hard and that the balance of the face is more uniform.

If you choose pink or skin tones, your mouth will be more and you will reach the nice balance of a fine and pleasant face.

2. The adequacy blush

You use a lot of blush ? Perfect, it is a great ally for women. In this case, it is ideal to use a self-tanner that gives us light and shades on the cheeks. For this, use a scrubbing brush diagonally from the center of the cheek to the hair line a line which terminates at the uppermost portion of our face, almost on the sides of the forehead.

Always look diagonally and never straight; and color light draws a thinner face and never square.

The tones that bring light are very adequate. Do not choose dark colors, but rather radiant and luminous blush or those colors that give a luminous complexion. This will go very well.

3. What are the most appropriate shadows?

You already know that there is a golden rule. If you wear makeup much your eyes, forget the strong colors on your lips . And if you choose a strong color for your mouth, your eye makeup should be very soft. Therefore, in our case, it is best not to use too sustained tones on the mouth and play with shadow our eyes.

Use mascara and eyeliner that line your eyes, it will be perfect for that light focuses on your eyes, on the upper part, not on the lower part of the face. Choose colors that fit best with the color of your eyes, using shadows that bring brightness and appeal.

4. Can the eyebrows help us refine our face?

Of course they can help us, and a lot. You already know that the eyebrows are large and attractive fashionable, and if we want to get a slimmer face, they are our allies. But do not worry, he's not letting natural, without ever tweezers, on the contrary.

What to do is to give them a nice shape by giving them volume, while finishing with a fine point that goes to the front. Through this, we beautify our eyes, shining more and, as usual, we pay our attention to the upper part of the face.

With a gradient haircut happens above or below the chin, with bangs aside and stiff, we will get our face a much softer image.

Similarly, to lose some volume in the cheeks, it is advisable to follow a low fat diet where we eliminate the salt because it promotes water retention. The face will then appear much less inflated. With proper diet and these simple and economic advice, you will see how you will be well more attractive.

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