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How To Remove The Brown Spots On Skin?

If you want to learn a little more about the brown spots that appear on the skin , and if you wish to know natural methods to make them leave, v ll find in this article some answers to this sometimes very annoying problem!

Clearly identify stains

Before even offer solutions to remove those stains that appear on the skin, we will explain where they come from. Brown spots on the skin pigmentation correspond to variations which are due to different factors: exposure solar , genetic questions, liver problems , pregnancy, treatment with antibiotics, etc.

The spots can occur in various ways: moles, freckles or spots of old age .

Our solutions

We will provide you with possible solutions to the appearance of spots on the skin , homemade recipes and natural medicine treatments. Today, we will present five solutions effective, simple and easy to implement that will help you say goodbye to your brown spots!

1. Lemon juice: a natural bleach against brown spots

First, squeeze a lemon to extract the juice. Then take a small piece of cotton and soak it with some juice. Rub the stain with cotton soaked in lemon juice for a few minutes. You can also repeat this operation using the zest of lemon to treat stains. Rub for five minutes. The citric acid of lemon will help exfoliate the skin and dead skin cells will detach, which will unify the two skin tones.

Do not apply this treatment before exposure to the sun .

2. Aloe vera and its action on the skin

Apply gel of aloe vera on your spots, rubbing until it is absorbed through the skin, and leave. By applying it daily, aloe vera gel will help lighten spots !

3. Papaya: the power of papain

First, peel a piece of ripe papaya. Then, rub the inside of the affected area. Let papaya act, then thoroughly clean the skin with cold water. You can repeat the operation 3 or 4 times a week. Papain content of this fruit will help to reduce the number of dead skin cells and to the disappearance of old stains remains.

4. Onion and effectiveness against age spots

Cut a slice of onion and rub it on the stain for five minutes. Repeat this process every day. This is a very effective method, especially when we want to eliminate age spots.

5. Banana Lemon: efficient mixing for even skin tone

This is a simple and effective method: you need a banana and juice of one or two lemons . Peel the banana and cut into slices; mash them until a puree. Then mix the puree with lemon juice. Apply this mixture once a day on the spots. This recipe will be very useful to unify the complexion of your skin!

These treatments against brown spots will they really work?

It is important to remember that the results obtained by the action of these natural treatments will depend largely on your perseverance and determination during application. Also, you should make sure you always use fresh products and avoid too frequent sun exposure.

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