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Keep Your Bra Straps Hidden With a Paper Clip

Not all super square measure created for ancient bras. Sure, you'll perpetually wear a unsupported undergarment. you'll purchase specialty clips that hide your straps, too. however if you don’t have either, or you’re in an exceedingly pinch, a less complicated choice is to only use a staple.

I detected regarding this tip from an admirer, however this YouTube video shows however its done. Hook one undergarment strap through the tip of a staple below your shirt. Grab the opposite strap and hook it to the opposite finish of the clip.

Easy fix, and your straps keep bundled and hid below your prime. inspect the video to ascertain for yourself.

Item Reviewed: Keep Your Bra Straps Hidden With a Paper Clip Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Paul Emond
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