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Should We Allow A Kid To Wear Makeup?

Little girls -and sometimes garçons- tend to want to do as their mother by stabbing her makeup. But priori innocuous gesture is really a breeze?

The Youtube channel of Miss Lima, seven videos counting hundreds of thousands of views, 21,000 subscribers, product tests and tips for applying makeup. Ms. Lima is a Youtubeuse influential beauty like any other, except that it is only 6 years old. Still, more than 400 comments accompanying its almost unanimous tutorial: "You are beautiful as an angel and you're so cute", "Later you'll be a pro make-up I feel." Only a handful of troublemakers pointing at the young age of the girl: "I think makeup is not your age, but I am not saying it sucks, is that it's just going ruin your skin and base makeup is to hide imperfections, "says Marina. An argument quickly swept FrangineDu13: "But let there be fun She says in her videos, it plays right makeup”

This exchange sums up the dilemma parents face girls attempted by pallets makeup in the image of their favorite heroes or, more simply, by their mother's beauty kit. Olivia does not know what to think of mimicry of her daughter who sometimes turns to the obsession : "As soon as I turn my back, I found my little last 5 years with red on the lips, blush on the cheeks or varnish on the nails, "she says. "For now, it's cute at home, but I do not think I really let her makeup to go out before 14-15 years."

Between mimicry and hyper

Psychiatrist Xavier Pommereau, said the makeup must remain in the field of role play. "You can play the mom , borrowing her shoes and makeup, by disguising eventually. But we must be careful because even when it is "to laugh" as children say, makeup remains a seduction . One quickly comes to a caricature that rings false with fake nails, fake tattoos, fake too, "he notes.

Where does the game? Where does the seduction ? The border does not seem necessarily obvious especially those so-called pre-teens. According to Xavier Pommereau, "at 9, 10, they are sucked into the teen world, seeking to adopt their customs, but do not forget that during adolescence, the body and relationships $exualize. They might be very close adolescents by their appearance, they are only children and it is good to remind them. "

And to remind the parents who seem still make sense of things since 2012, a parliamentary report "Against the hyper$exualisation a new fight for equality ", rejected the hypothesis of a tidal wave of hyper$exualization. "All parents are surprised at the precocity of their children and, in the vast majority, raise standards, "then concluded sociologist Aurélia Mardon.

No makeup before 14 years

It remains to agree on the rules. "From the clear nail polish on school days and flashy during the holidays and feasts, and some pink lip stick "for the 6 year old daughter Luce. "Eye Shadows and red lips to quality" for the 10 year old daughter Solène. "But only at home, for her to learn to manage color combinations and to develop their critical sense while having fun."

Or stricter standards at home Gaëlle. "No face painting, nor nail polish Girls have the right to wear makeup from 15 years and not like stolen cars As for my boy, s.. it wants to be disguised as a cat or a panda for a carnival , no problem. Otherwise, it will be free to act at will in its majority. "

"Allow discreet makeup from 14 years seems very reasonable to me. Just like explaining to his little boy that makeup is a feminine attribute," notes Xavier Pommereau. "Sometimes you have parents willing to be of old farts," he continues. "We must not forget that seduction is a holding case." Yet one might fear that adolescent girls have rather want to face such a ban in making up once they got to college for example.

"It is rather an opportunity to open dialogue with his children and matters in their hold dear like the look of the other self and what they want to show for themselves "says Xavier Pommereau. An opinion joined Jeanne, 19, who began to make up to 11 years "too early" according to her. "It hides the feeling of not being pretty enough. I wish my mother reassures me and tells me that I did not need."

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