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The Perfect Dark Red Lip Makeup Tutorial

Requirement:- Dark red color, light red color.


Step1:- By using the lip primer prevent the dark lip color for the better look of the lips and we can have the most amazing ways to shrink these into the lines.

Step2:-By using the deep wine lip wine pencil and the make it smother with the help of the smooth lip brush.

Step3:-Then after in this step use the burgundy color lipstick for the betterment of the mind blowing color.

Step4:-With the help of the lip brush spread it over the lips so that it could not be the embarrassing over the single place.

Step5:-For shining look of the lips applies the burgundy gloss on the lips hence it could be the shining look for the lips.

Step6:-Carefully smooth it out over the entire lip with the help of the wand and bland.

Item Reviewed: The Perfect Dark Red Lip Makeup Tutorial Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Paul Emond
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