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Top Ten Reasons You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most contracted investments in France. No wonder when making a turn table of its many benefits: financial optimization, management flexibility, attractive tax ... For those who doubt still, here are 10 arguments to show that life insurance is a reliable investment , optimized and safely.

1. An incomparable flexibility

Life insurance is a great tool to save, plan for retirement, your future and that of your loved ones. Life insurance can finance all types of projects: financial wealth, real estate purchase, children's education, retirement, transmission ...

2. A risk free investment

The life insurance contract in euros is a savings account without risks. This type of investment guarantees the safety of your investment indeed by a life insurance company. If you respect the 8-year term, you can recover all the funds.

3. freedom of payments

Life insurance helps to provide a retirement savings capital or payments without constraints or limits. You may decide to opt for programmed or free installments. The offering attracted many investors because it gives carte blanche on the payment.

4. Selection of beneficiaries

The insurance policy to the policy owner certifies the payment of funds to the person (s) designated (s). The beneficiary clause ensures transmission of what you want to whom you want. The owner may choose one or more people and assign shares in the capital.

5. Availability of funds

The sums collected in the life insurance contract remain available at any time when needed. However, it is advisable to keep this investment several years before releasing some or all of the money to avoid penalties.

6. A cost savings

The life insurance contracts in euros offer excellent returns. Some even offer rates that go up to 4% (net of management fees and gross social security contributions).

7. A significant pension capital

If there is no damage (death, accident ...), life insurance is insurance for "cause of life 'savings is donated to a fixed term, usually retired.

8. access to capital markets

Life insurance in unit allows to benefit from the performance of financial markets. This perspective, however, imposes some risk to take. Be accompanied by a heritage consultant guarantees u not perfect matching of assets to the risk profile.

9. The transfer of capital

By appointing another person as the beneficiary, the holder may consider life insurance as an ideal gift. This principle equivalent to the estate is not taxed under € 152,000.

10. Tax advantages

Finally, life insurance offers a particularly attractive tax. From 8 years old, you receive a tax exemption on capital gains on redemption. In the event of the holder's death, funds are donated to recipients without the right of succession.

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