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10 Types Of Kisses Guys Love Most Of All

There are many variations of kisses. Today we are going to share most preferred kissing technique. You will definitely going to like each of these kissing techniques.

1. Earlobe Nibble Kiss

It starts with tantalizing earlobe nibble gently. This kiss can drive both genders crazy.

2. Eskimo Kiss

It is also known as nose kiss. Gently rubbing noses will give you most innocent feeling.

3. Kiss on Jaw line

It is most favorite kiss for boys. Start kissing on jaw line and from there follows your own way.

4. Spidey Kiss

It’s an upside down kiss and will give your guy a superhero type feeling.

5. Gentle Eye kiss

This is best kiss to show how much you love your guy.

6. Forehead Kiss

It’s a perfect way to tell your love that you are with him/her.

7. Make him beg kiss

Try to make your guy to beg for kiss. Then a full kiss will definitely melt him down.

8. French Kiss

The most popular kiss is the French kiss.

9. Surprise kiss

Surprise kiss will instantly shift your guy attention towards you.

10. Lingering Kiss

Simple but a long kiss is the most !nt!mate way show your love.

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