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10 Weird Yet Effective Ways To Lose Weight

If want to lose weight but doesn’t like traditional ways for doing this. Then this post is definitely for you. We are sharing 10 weird and non-traditional ways for losing weight.

• The Military Diet

Follow the meal plan, which consists of eating hotdogs without buns, canned tuna, fruit, and eggs.

• Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage soup with some vegetable like carrot can help in losing weight.

• Ice Cold Water

Drinking ice cold water make your body to burn calorie on warming the water.

• Apple Cider Vinegar

Swallowing a teaspoon of it can prevent you from eating.

• Lettuce Bread

If you love to eat sandwiches and burgers, replace the bread and rolls with large pieces of lettuce bread. It can help you cut down some calories.

• Pole Dancing

Pole dancing can help you to burn calories and give you strong muscles

• Grapefruit Water

Before meal drink 8 ounce of grapefruit water. It give fill your stomach and you will not eat much food.

• Body Wrapping

Combine a moisturizing lotion and a sugar scrub together;rub generously over your stomach. It will remove few inches around your waist.

• Juice Cleanse

While on a juice cleanse, you’ll avoid eating food for 2-3 days

• Veggie Feast

Eating only vegetable for 3-5 days will show result soon.

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