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12 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (August 17)

Cena vs. Rollins, Stardust vs Amell, even the Diva’s revolution were all set to take a place on the back-burner this week as both The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar were scheduled to be on RAW together for the first time since THAT brilliantly compelling brawl a few weeks ago.

RAW emanated from Minneapolis this week which meant it looked like being a partizan crowd in The Beast’s favour. For the first time in goodness knows how long we would probably be hearing Taker being booed out of the arena in what could be a WTF worthy moment in itself.

There’s little doubting that just six days out from SummerSlam that the match which is claimed to be ‘too big for WrestleMania’ (how that makes any sort of sense is beyond me) would take centre stage for much of the evening. Although, and rather obviously, a number of other rivalries – mainly the ones aforementioned and Shield Family vs Wyatt Family, Rusev vs Lana and Kevin Owens vs Cesaro – would also be developed as the night wore on.

We had all of this to get through plus the news that former Daily Show host Jon Stewart would be hosting Sunday’s four-hour spectacular broke in the lead up to the event, so that would be sure to play a part also.

As ever though, there were those moments that left us all taking a second glance at our screens and screaming WTF!

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