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5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Milk Immediately

As a child we were told about the benefits of milk. But now many recent scientific studies shows that milk can have detrimental effect on our health. This post will gives you 5 reasons to stop drinking milk immediately.

1. Milk Allergies

According to a survey in USA, children who drink milk on regular basis are likely to develop allergies which can harm their digestive and immune system.

2. Higher Cholesterol Level

Milk contain very high amount of cholesterol. Therefore adult who drink milk regularly are more prone to heart diseases.

3. More Bone Fracture

Many of us thinks that milk promote building of bones and give us strong bones. But studies shows milk intake actually puts bones at higher risk of fracture because milk has a leeching effect on body calcium.

4. Cause Acne

Hormone found in milk especially in cow milk can give rise to many skin disorder like acne, rashes etc. So, it is important for teenagers to avoid milk.

5. Ovarian Cancer

Women who drink milk daily have high risk of ovarian cancer than women who don’t.

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