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Every Men Must Know These Rare Secrets About Women

The woman is sometimes a very mysterious creature that hides many secrets, even though everyone has different secrets, secrets there are common to all women. We present 16 secrets of behaviour and habits that women to help men better understand them.

1. Women keep all their good romantic memories: such as love letters from former friends, even if it ended badly, women love to remember past events and the feeling of being loved.

2. They love the emotional signs: kisses, hugs, messages ...

3. They just hate their partners: even if they are aware that men are not the only ones at fault for the problems in couples, they love their mistakes and reject all hate them a little time to time.

4. They lose a lot of time to think about their look: they know the lower parts of their bodies and do not hesitate to spend hours in the mirror.

5. They like to know what you do on the internet: they love to have control over your actions when you are on the internet, know your usernames and your passwords to ensure that everything is under control.

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