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How To Make Double Winged Eyeliner

You will need:

Eye shadow

Brown, black and grey kohl pencil

Q-tip, ecofriendly eye glue

Concealer and concealer brush

Black liquid liner and mascara


Step1: Apply the eye shadow over the eyelid and the powder and then line your crease with the brown and dark grey kohl pencil and then smudge it with the Q-tip only.

Step2: Line your upper lash line with the black kohl pencil simply just by dragging the pencil from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Step3: Using the angled liner brush create the wing simply just by adding the color over the angled brush and sweeping the brush from the inner to the outer corner and make it at an angle and then using the kohl pencil sharpen the wing.

Step4: Now, trace the wing with the liquid liner too and then using the liner brush dip it into the black eye shadow and mark the lower waterline of the lower eyelash and along with this make another wing originated from the lower lash line and then mark the lower water line with white pencil so you can see the black lower lash.

Step5: Load the concealer brush and sweep it in between the two wings so you can see the pop up in between these wings.

Step6: Now apply the two coats of the mascara over the eyelashes and you are done here.

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