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How To Whiten Hands Instantly

Beautiful hands and the feet are equally important just like face and the other body part which is exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Because direct exposure to the sun rays will darken the skin shade and to protect yourself from these direct sun rays you really need to use the sunscreen whenever you are going out in the exposure of the sun rays. Therefore, to get rid of the darker skin tone you need to employ the listed methods so you can get the white hands or the feet instantly.

• Raw milk: One of the best home remedies is the raw milk which turns into the fair glowing skin with a simple massage. You can clean your hands and skin and then apply the raw milk.

• Dry Orange peel and milk: Use the powder of the orange peel and mix with the milk to make a paste. Let stay the paste on the face for about 20 minutes and then wash off.

• Aloe Vera or cucumber: Rub the aloe vera or the cucumber on the dark skin for about 5-10 minutes and then wash off with the fresh water.

• Salt and lemon: Exfoliate your skin using the scrub of the lemon and the salt to remove the dead skin. Do it just by sprinkling the salt on the skin and then rub it over your hands and the feet to get the fair skin.

Along with the listed methods there are few more methods which you can even use at your home and can get rid of your dark skin and you will get the fairer skin.

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