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Interesting Facts About Eye Color

Before proceeding to the transfer of the most unusual ond interesting forts about the eye color should tell you why eye color in humans is different.

Eye coLor - characteristics determined by the pigmentation of Me iris.

Iris - thin diaphragm movable eyes with a hoLe (pupip at the center, located behind Me comea, the lens in front, between the front and rear chambers of the eye. The iris is almost entireLy of opaque.

The iris consists of two Layers:

• the front Layer, mesoderm:

• a back Layer ertodermaL

Mesodermal Layer consists of an ertemaL border department and mroma. The front Layer dimributed chromatophores containing the pigment melanin. The nature &the distribution &melanin depends on the color &the eyes.

Strom - subtle plexus fibers. Some fibers in the Ms describe a circLe, with mom of Me fibers directed radialLy to Me pupiL In the eyes of dark coLor stroma often conmin pigment granuLes.rtMino eyes and blue eyes meLanin Lacking.

Iris does not contain green and bLue pigments. A coloring pigment is melanin concentrations in certain eye color becomes color from fight hazel to aLmost black.

It is interesting that aft newborn babies eyes are gray-Mue color, as the pigment in the iris Aroma is absent. The color of the iris changes and formed the third to six months of a child's Life, which is associated with Me accumulation of merynocryes in the iris. Finally, eye color in humans is set .10-12 years.

The most unusual and interesting facts about the color of ems: blue-eyed all people. Brown eyes are really bLue under the brown pigment Ma is the result of a genetic mutation which will be discussed below in the section on brown eye,


Different eye color is due to the fact an excess or deficiency of melanin due to disease, injury, genetic mutations. The phenomenon of different colored eyes called haterechrornia. In partial heterochromia iris is divided into two parts. At the absolute heterochromia in humans there are two different colors of the iris, one can be blue, the second - hazel The planet is home to 196 of people with Nis unusual deviation.

In NAM light, or emreme cold in human eye color varier This is an interesting phenomenon is caLLed a chameleon.

Minimum length of visual coma with the first person encountered is four seconds. TM, how much time is needed to determine the color of his eyes.

Eye color indicates the geographic heredity. Pry,ple with bbm eyes are more common in northern regions, wit brown - in areas with temperate climates, people with dark eyes live near Me equator. Most people with bLue ems Lives in Me Baltic countries. Interesting fact: in Estonia 99% of residents have Mue eyes.

There is a medical laser correction procedure that allows to change eye color.

Brown eye color

Brown (brown) eye coLor is actually blue. In this case, the outer Layer of the iris contains significant amounts of melanin, resulting in the absorption of both high and low frequency Light. The reelected light in total, gives rise to brown (hazel.) color.

The researchers found an interesting fact: fi to 10 thousand years ago, all the inhabitants of the planet's eyes were brown. Later, a genetic mutation in the gene HERC2, carriers which decreased production of melanin in the iris, which has Led to the appearance of a blue color.

Brown - the most common eye color in the world. There is a Laser procedure that alLows to remove the pigment and make the eyes bale. Return to the previous color after the procedure impossible.

People with brown eyes have more confidence in others than the blue-eyed - the interesting Ha established Japanese psychologists.

5096 brown-eyed people differ closed. Dark-eyed people are hardy and resis.nL but in a crisis characterized by irritability.

Black eye color

The structure of the iris of people with a black eye color brown-eyed similar structure. However, the concentration of melanin in it is so high that the light falling on T is almost completely absorbed. Black eye color is most common among the Mongoloid race in East Southeast and South Asia. In Mese regions the iris newborns already saturated with melanin.

Swamp (hazel) eye color

Swamis (hazel) eye color is a mixed color, the reason for its occurrence is due to moderate amounts of melanin in the outer layer of the iris. Depending on the Lighting, marsh eye color may acquire a brownish-green, gold and brown. Walnut color is a combination of brown (hazel), blue or blue.

Blue Eye

Blue eye color is a result of the scattering of light in the stroma. The lower the density of the mroma, the deep blue color. The outer layer of the iris vascular formed of the collagen fibers differs dark blue. If the fibers of the outer layer of The iris differs slightly melanin content and low density, the eye has a blue color, despite the fact that the iris does not contain a blue or blue pigments.

Blue eye color

The blue color of the eyes, in contrast to blue due the fact higher density of stromal collagen fibers. The greater the density of the fibers, the ligffer the color.

The blue color of the eye appeared due to gene mutation HERC2, resulting in decreased production of melanin in the iris. There was this mutation about A-10 thousand years ago. This fact was established by a group of Danish scientists at Copenhagen University, headed by Associate Professor Hans Eiberg (Hans Eiberg) in 2008.

7596 Indigenous people in Germany have blue eyes. Interestingly, most people with gray eyes are different determination and endurance. Gray eyes

Gray , similar to blue, while the density of the fibers of the outer Layer is higher. If the density is not so great, , color is blue-gray. Gray , is most common among residents of Northern and Eastern Europe, in some regions of Northwest Africa, as well as the inhabitants of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

Red Eye

The most unusual and interesting eye color, red, commonly found in albino. Due to the Lack of melanin iris albino transparent and Looks red because of the blood vessels. In some cases, red mixed with blue stroma gives violet eyes. However such deviations occur in only a small number of people.

Yellow eyes

Yellow color of the eyes is extremely rare. The yellow color is formed when the content in the blood vessels of the iris pigment fipofuscin are very pale in color. However, in most cases, the fact of the eye color due to the presence of kidney disease.

Amber eye color

Amber eye color is also due to the fact of presence in the iris lipochromes contained and green eyes. Amber eye color is monotonous light yellow-brown color, sometimes reddish or copper-gold-green hue.

Green eye color

Green , color is due to the fact a minor melanin content. In the outer layer of the iris distributed unusual Light brown or Llow pigment Lipofuscin. In sum, to obtain as a result of scattering in the stroma of blue or blue color firms green.

It is interesting that a purely green eyes is extremely rare: color of the iris is usually non-uniform, which Leads to the emergence of many colors. The findings of studies conducted jointly by the Swiss and Israeli scientists, should be: in the formation of the green , color may play dominance in the genotype of the gene red hair color of one of the parents. These findings indirectly confirmed a high prevalence among green eyes red-haired people.

His eyes are green 1.696 of people in the world, it is-the most rare, since eradicated in the family gene dominant brown.

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