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Mum Of Twins With Heart Problem Is Tragically Told One Was Survive

Think about the traumatic condition of a mother when she was warned to plan her baby’s funeral even before baby’s birth. Rachael Thompson was the mother who faced this devastating condition. Before giving birth to identical twins girls Ash and Brooke, she was told that only one can survive. Ash and Brooke were born on October 7 but doctor told her to say goodbyes to Brooke as the medics said there was nothing they could do due to her complex cyanotic congenital heart disease.

'Brooke was placed on my chest for us to say our goodbyes,' Ms Thompson said.

'I was so emotional as I knew what the outcome was and that I was so dosed up on pain relief thinking "was this really my goodbye to my daughter?".'

But Brooke had other plans. She surprised everyone that day. Both twins are 10 months old now.

But sadly Brooke’s condition is still same. Ms Thompson said, “She wanted that Brooke has all his injection”. But top to her misfortune, her husband loose the job when they really need it.

A local support Facebook group had been created to help raise money for them though a gofundme page. The couple is very overwhelmed by the unexpected support and wants to help other families who are going through the same traumatic experience.

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