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Romantic Twist Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

You will need:

Bobby pins

Hair spray


Step1: Make sure your hairs are clean and dry and then add the hair styling hair spray to your hairs and then comb the hairs so to clear out the knots from the hairs.

Step2: Grab a section of hairs round the crown section of your head and twist the section and secure the section diagonally to your head.

Step3: The same way, grab the section from the right side of your hairs and then twist that section and place the section across the head as shown in the pictures.

Step4: As you have done earlier, do the same with the hairs from the left side and as you moving down grab a section of hairs and start wrapping the hairs around the bunch of rest hairs and do this till the end of the hair length.

Step5: When you are done with securing the bobby pins then loosen the sides of the hair style with the fingers and secure the hair style with the good hold spray and you are done here.

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